About us

We are a team

At CEPFAMI, we conceive our work only as team-work. We think that working in a team makes us stronger and above all, that it helps us create the therapeutic instruments we then provide our patients with. For us, team-working perfectly fits the concept of efficient and high-quality therapies aimed at improving any human being's mental health.

We are passionate professional psychologists, fond of the different ways in which psychology builds the necessary connections to support those who need our help. We are curious, we stun at unusual things, and we don't like giving up to situations which may represent a professional challenge for us. 

We do have the necessary tools to build stable relationships with people. We aim at creating adequate therapies which help each person find their own way to improve their lives.

We are located in Barcelona, in the quarter called Sant Gervasi, in the nearby of Gràcia.